Boston Harbor Explorers

Save the Harbor offers our Boston Harbor Explorers experiential learning program to engage youth in exploring their local marine environment and encouraging them to engage in healthy outdoor activities. Through this program we provide participants with free environmental education programs and activities based on our suite of STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) and Humanities focused curriculum. 

We are constantly refining this curriculum, which currently includes STEAM units that focus on marine science such as Fishing 101 and Flatfish Printing and Flounder Anatomy. This curriculum also includes archeological explorations like the Treasures of Spectacle Island and units on tide, shellfish, crustaceans, and invasive species like the Asian Shore Crab, Tunicates and the Periwinkle. We have incorporated arts units developed by acclaimed intertidal artist Andres Amador and environmental artist Robyn Reed to highlight the everchanging intertidal landscape and the effect of plastic pollution on the marine ecosystem.

We have also worked with humanities scholars and educators including storyteller Norah Dooley, harbor historian and song leader David Coffin, and author and historian Eric Jay Dolin to develop a Stories and Songs of the Sea curriculum, highlighting Boston’s rich maritime history, including stories of young men and women of many races and nationalities from the Age of Sail. Over the course of the year, Save the Harbor brings these programs to 25 Youth and Beach Program sites around the harbor, islands, and waterfront including our newest program site, the Boston Harbor Pop-Up Museum and Gallery at 226 Causeway Street at North Station.